As women warriors, we know how busy life can be. This feeling that we are constantly chasing time…  have you ever regretted not finding the ideal tool so you can catch your breath and tighten up your arrangements?

Founder of the Women Warriors brand, Laure Bousquet, already had twenty years of experience working in communications when she came to this conclusion.

She was looking for a paper-based tool so that she could find a work-life balance but couldn’t find any. That’s how “The Woman Who Works” planner was born, from her desires and ideas. This first notebook rapidly became a success and so, in 2019, the adventure began.

Many other product ranges have followed since. Diaries, recipe and maternity notebooks, memory books… All developed to guide your successes, adapt to the needs of each and every one of you and hopefully simplify your daily lives.

Some notebooks are perfect for scribbling down your latest plans while others capture your stand-out memories and then there are those you’ll always tuck in your bag to lighten your mental load.

Our beautiful stationery expresses positivity and is made on demand from paper from sustainably managed forests to limit our impact on the environment.

Now is the time to be the new you: creative, brave, audacious… time to trust your inner strength and write your own story.